Nano Technology

We specialize in making oil and water mix. We take regular oils and turn them into water soluble liquids and powders using the power of frequencies and vibrations along with stable formulations.

For our topical formulas we call this technology NanoMositure. Allowing an oil product to be absorbed in us is important when you realize without nano technology your oil tinctures are absorbing up to 20% and your skin serums even less. With Nano technology all that oil that would have went to waste gets to work inside you. 

By refining oil products into nano oils you not only see the difference but you feel the difference after one use. Internally this leads to accurate efficient absorption and externally you feel the oils absorb right into your skin leaving a soft feeling that's not greasy like most creams and lotions. 


Watch now how NanoMoisture is used with Sowl Tech

We promise we don't make these type of nano products. 

In fact, most of us have had a nano product already and didn't even know it. The main protein in milk and cheese products is a nano ingredient. Our goal is to bring a positive light onto Natural Nano Ingredients to let them shine in their ability to help with absorption, coverage, and the environmental impact they have. 

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