Alivestyle Project

Alivestyle Project is a group of people who's goal is to follow The Way, spread The Word, and live Alivestyle with our King Jesus Christ. We aim to be the proper lamp stands for the fire of The Holy Spirit to reside within us and lead The Way. 

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our Lord and Savior. Shofaring, Worshiping, Bible Studies, Street Preaching, Evangelizing, and more. Believers of signs, miracles and wonders. Combatting 3 main problems: Hunger, Homelessness, and Orphans one step at a time. With God, sometimes the steps get bigger than you can make, so faith and depending on thee Holy Spirit is needed.

Every action is divinely inspired. Our choice is the path of uh-oh or righteousness. If uh-oh is chosen, we learn something, usually what not to do, but learn what we need to know.

Our King loves us either way, He just sees us for our worth and not for our sins, but He desires so much more for us. He wants us to turn away from sin/repent and live.

Alivestyle is living righteously, thereby getting to see the artwork of Our Father, the Creator of creation, Jesus the Son of The Father, and The Holy Spirit. The choice is how you want to learn the lesson; ask and learn or do it your way. Intentful Deception Revealed

Join us on the streets or help us by supporting below.

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